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About Us

Passion. Effort. Impact.

Established in 2018, Traderoot Active is an impact investment project, led by Traderoot. Enabling and encouraging participation in sporting events and activities, Traderoot Active raises funds for recognised organisations that support and sustain sports development and children’s education. Traderoot Active also helps by designing and hosting outdoor sports events that support the causes that matter most.

Maximising your movement, kilometre by kilometre, Traderoot Active helps to chart a new future, and shape your dreams.

Get Active. Get Involved.

The greatest gifts we can give our future are: Education, Confidence, and Personal Development. Traderoot Active boldly supports the education and dreams of the country’s children.

Combining both purpose and passion with determination and drive, Traderoot Active enables our country’s future to thrive.

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Traderoot Active supports Bright Start, a non-profit, public benefit organisation, that’s keenly focused on educating for the future.

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#Rideforchange #Runforchange #Triforchange

Growing the Traderoot Active brand across multiple sporting disciplines, these initiatives enable novice and professional athletes to maximise their movement while supporting important causes.

Every time a person participates in an exercise activity or outdoor event, while wearing their Traderoot Active gear, they’re directly enabling fundraising for the causes that matter most. Traderoot Active’s initiatives include: #Rideforchange #Runforchange #Triforchange #Getactiveforchange

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