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GetActive Challenge


Thank you for being part of our journey this year

Hey Change makers!  Its December! That means almost time to kick back and gear down for 2021!  Its been a VERY different year for us in South Africa! Through some of the gloom and hopefully many successes we’ve achieved some amazing things with YOUR contributions.


Help Us Grow

Help us grow our page by sharing it with your friends, use our hashtags #getactive #triforchange #runforchange #swimforchange #rideforchange #activeforchange in your posts on social media when you are getting active with any form of exercise you choose that gets your heart pumping. If you are in


Together we can do great things

SUPPORT OUR CAUSES We currently have 2 causes we support at Traderoot Active, @protouchafrica and @brightstartsa Together we can help them by liking their pages and sharing their posts which costs nothing and goes a long way. If you want to go a step further, you can hop

Traderoot Active - September Get Active Challenge

Time for a Wardrobe Spring Clean!

Unpack your wardrobe and go through each item. When last did you wear it? Are you saving it for when you lose those extra 5kgs? Well, there is no time like the present to #getactive and do just that.But seriously, lets do a clean out, donate what


#GetActive Challenge: Yoga with Aimee Howard

Aimee Howard has been teaching yoga for four years. She teaches vinyasa, prenatal, children’s and yin yoga. Yoga has changed Aimee’s life and allowed her to feel at home in her body. Yoga creates balance to the mind, body and spirit and when we look

Traderoot Active Challenge

Make healthy choices this week

Add more veggies to your meals, cut down on sugar and or carbs, have a meat free Monday? Whatever works for you, try it as a lifestyle change and soon you will reap the benefits. You can find all kinds of resources online for healthy