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How It Works

As a Traderoot Active supporter, every time you participate in, or host a sporting event or activity, you’re also raising funds for a cause that matters most.

Pull on your Traderoot Active gear, and become even more visible as you take part or create an event to encourage family and friends to get active.

Did you know 100% of the money you pay for your Traderoot Active gear is donated to the same charitable fund?

Join us in 4 Steps:

Get Active

with Traderoot Active by creating an event or entering an event.


your Traderoot Active gear.


people to join you in sporting events and activities

Join our social media platforms

Help grow the Traderoot Active family.

Turning Your Kilometres Into Impact

Participate in and complete recognised provincial, national, or global, sporting events in your TRADEROOT ACTIVE™ racing gear, and you’ll be raising funds for a cause that matters most.

Join Our Club

Every time you participate in an outdoor sports event, wearing your Traderoot Active gear you purchased from our shop, snap a selfie and send it along to us, using the hashtags #Rideforchange #Triforchange #Runforchange. Don’t forget to add your story.

Traderoot Active also enables corporate sponsorship, for teams and leagues. To sponsor a Traderoot Active team or sports league, get in touch with us. We’ll help you find a meaningful home for your CSI budget, and ensure it goes where it matters most. Get in touch.

At Traderoot Active, our team can help your campaign with #eventsforgood and cause to succeed and serve where it matters most. By designing, developing, and hosting outdoor sports events that help you raise money for a reputable cause, Traderoot Active helps change the future and invest in the dream. Get in touch.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programmes.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programmes are an essential component of your organisational objectives. By partnering with Traderoot Active, we’ll help you connect with a cause that makes the most impact on your brand, and ensures your budget is well spent.

We partner with you to raise funds for your company’s selected CSI Programme and enable true change through causes that matter most. As a Traderoot Active partner, your business:

  • Becomes part of the vision that enables true change for the country’s children.
  • Builds a proactive, involved, and deeply meaningful brand.
  • Enjoys the benefits of investing in responsible, recognised charitable organisations and CSI programmes.
  • Shakes it up online and everywhere else, as your brand features on all online channels, printed Traderoot Active gear, and merchandise.
  • Promotes health and educational development, within and beyond your clients, colleagues, teams, and investors.