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Children’s Educational Development With Bright Start

Education doesn’t just change a life; it changes the future. Traderoot Active supports Bright Start, a non-profit, public benefit organisation, that’s keenly focused on educating for the future. The Bright Start mentoring and training programme provides ongoing support to children, families, and communities, through a holistic educational package. Bright Start supports children’s development both within and outside of school.
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Sports Development With Support SA Talent

By sourcing and securing sponsorships for flourishing South African sports talent,
Traderoot Active enables and encourages sports development across the country.
Providing talented athletes with everything they need to focus on their performance and participation, Traderoot Active ensures new talent shines on every sportsfield, track, and stadium. Support SA Talent provides an effective, flourishing platform to recognise and support talented South African Athletes and Artists.
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