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Putting smiles on deserving faces with Traderoot Active and Salt40

With so much bad news in the world today, from war zones to national budget cuts and soaring prices of natural resources; sometimes it’s just good to be reminded that not everything out there is terrible. In fact, there’s a lot going on across the globe and in our very own country that is truly great – but receives little attention.

To help you look on the brighter side, and to inspire you to “be the change you want to see”, we want to introduce our newest collab and beneficiary – The Salt40 Foundation.

The main objective of the Salt40 Foundation is to uplift disadvantaged people of South Africa by equipping them with skills and development and in general, assisting where possible with welfare needs.

Salt40 currently works with One Million Strong, an organization that teaches children between the ages of 11 and 14 years old values and life skills. They use donated bicycles as an incentive for learners to participate in their current program. Cycling is used as a means of getting the youth interested in the program, in getting active, and finding a worthwhile purpose to pursue.

The Foundation offers bicycle repair skill development with the aim of assisting people in starting their own businesses or finding employment. Further, bicycles are donated to needy and disadvantaged young people to serve as a means to get to school.

Traderoot Active is particularly fond of this outreach project as this initiative is something that perfectly aligns with our goals.

Creating a positive impact in our communities and initiating change is a movement that we wholeheartedly support.

We look forward to assisting Salt40 in their future initiatives and collectively putting smiles on some deserving faces.

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