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Traderoot Active are so proud to announce that our First Sponsorship for 2022 goes to Ungedzani Pfano

A short while ago, a talented sportsman reached out to the Traderoot Active team through our social channels. He was seeking assistance to reach his racing goals and was looking for support through possible sponsorship of his kit. This young man has achieved some excellent timings and is eager to pursue his goals of achieving better and better and further developing his racing career.

With careful evaluation and consideration, we at Traderoot Active are so proud to announce that our first sponsorship for 2022 goes to Ungedzani Pfano.  We believe in him and in his dreams…. we are behind him 100%.

Ungedzani is a passionate and talented long and short-distance runner from Pretoria. At 22, Ungedzani has already represented Limpopo, and Polokwane and has participated in numerous races where he’s achieved medals, placing in a very competitive position and achieving excellent timings.

Over the next few weeks, we will interview Ungedzani and share his thoughts and feelings on being selected as our sponsorship recipient and his future sporting goals. Stay tuned to see how our young athlete grows and reaches his goals, with Traderoot Active and YOUR support!

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