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Time for a Wardrobe Spring Clean!

Unpack your wardrobe and go through each item. When last did you wear it?

Are you saving it for when you lose those extra 5kgs?

Well, there is no time like the present to #getactive and do just that.
But seriously, let’s do a cleanout, donate what you don’t wear to the less fortunate and set a goal to get active, and reward yourself with something new when you hit your goal.
An uncluttered wardrobe will for sure put a spring in your step!
So put on some music and #getactive and get organized.

Each week this month we will post a challenge for you to complete. Take a photo or video and tag @traderootactive.

Click on the link in the bio under #activeforchange to download the activity tracker sheet, and while you are there, browse our shop for branded items you can buy to support our causes @brightstart and  @supportsatalent.

Complete each month’s challenges to increase your chances of winning in the hamper draw in December.

#traderootactive #motivation #getactive
#activeforchange #supportsatalent #brightstart#kidsactive

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