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Embarking on Extraordinary Adventures with Traderoot Active’s Ambassador, @LuckyGordy_: A Year of Achievements and Active Goodness

At Traderoot Active, we’re not just about trading; we’re about living life to the fullest, embracing challenges, and making a positive impact. And in the heart of our vibrant community is none other than our dynamic ambassador, @LuckyGordy_. Join us as we dive into the whirlwind of achievements and adventures that have defined his 2023 and discover the passion he brings to both Traderoot Active and a life well-lived.

A Trailblazer’s Journey: @LuckyGordy_‘s 2023 Achievements

Midmar Mile (11-Feb): Making Waves in Open Waters

Diving into the Midmar Mile, @LuckyGordy_ showcased his prowess in open water swimming, embracing the challenge with the same vigor he brings to his trading endeavors.

Northcoast Challenge 3-Day Cycle Race (15-Apr): A Cycling Odyssey

Northcoast Challenge 3-Day Cycle Race

Pedaling through a 3-day cycle race, including MTB stages of 30km, 65km, and 23km, @LuckyGordy_ demonstrated his commitment to fitness and the joy of exploring on two wheels.

40km Tour Durban MTB Race (13-May): Riding for the Thrill

40km Tour Durban MTB Race

Taking on the Tour Durban MTB Race, @LuckyGordy_ proved that the thrill of the ride is just as exhilarating as the thrill of trading.

Tour Durban on the Adopt a Trolley 3-Wheel Bicycle (16-May): Supporting a Cause

Tour Durban on the Adopt a Trolley 3-Wheel Bicycle

In a unique twist, @LuckyGordy_ rode the Tour Durban on an Adopt a Trolley 3-wheel bicycle, highlighting his dedication not just to fitness but also to supporting meaningful causes.

Investec Rhino Ride 2-Day MTB Challenge (26-Aug): Riding for Conservation

Investec Rhino Ride 2-Day MTB Challenge

@LuckyGordy_ immersed himself in the Investec Rhino Ride, a 2-day MTB challenge, combining his love for cycling with a commitment to conservation.

Rhino Peak Challenge (09-Sep): Scaling New Heights

Rhino Peak Challenge

Scaling the heights of Rhino Peak in a challenging 22km trek, @LuckyGordy_ showcased the same determination that propels him in the world of trading.

Mount-Aux Sources 50km Trail Run (10-Sep): Turning 50 with a Bang!

What better way to celebrate turning 50 than conquering a 50km trail run? @LuckyGordy_ kicked off his year with an awe-inspiring feat at Mount-Aux Sources, showcasing resilience and determination that mirror the ethos of Traderoot Active.

Philocoly Trail Walk (17-Sep): A 115km Beach Odyssey

Philocoly Trail Walk

Walking 115km from Tinley Manor to Ballito in the Philocoly Trail Walk, @LuckyGordy_ not only embraced the challenge but did so along the picturesque beach, embodying the spirit of active living.

20km Run in Seychelles (02-Oct): Running in Paradise

Seychelles’ scenic beauty became the backdrop for @LuckyGordy_‘s 20km run, proving that the love for running transcends borders and brings joy even in the most picturesque locales.

65km Amashova on a BMX with Brett (22-Oct): BMXing through Adventure

65km Amashova on a BMX with Brett

Teaming up with Brett, @LuckyGordy_ added a thrilling twist to the Amashova challenge, tackling the 65km route on a BMX and showing that adventures are meant to be shared.

65km Amashova on a Handcycle (23-Oct): Breaking Barriers

65km Amashova on a Handcycle

In a testament to his indomitable spirit, @LuckyGordy_ took on the Amashova challenge on a handcycle, breaking barriers and inspiring us all to redefine what’s possible.

10km Oldies Road Run (12-Nov): Defying Age with Every Stride

In a celebration of age-defying energy, @LuckyGordy_ dashed through a 10km road run, proving that the journey of life is as important as the destination.

25 Piers – Toughest Surf Swim in the World (02-Dec): Conquering the Waves

Braving the toughest surf swim in the world, @LuckyGordy_ closed the year with a splash, conquering 25 piers and leaving us in awe of his aquatic prowess.

Beyond the Finish Line: Active for Good

But @LuckyGordy_ is not just about personal achievements. His active lifestyle is also a force for good. Whether it’s raising awareness for conservation during the Rhino Ride or supporting causes like the Adopt a Trolley initiative, he exemplifies Traderoot Active’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

So, here’s to @LuckyGordy_, our ambassador extraordinaire, who doesn’t just trade roots but also plants seeds of inspiration and positivity wherever he goes. Follow his adventures, be inspired, and remember, life is not just about trading – it’s about being active for good, and @LuckyGordy_ is leading the way!🚴‍♂️🌊

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